Finding the Right Guitar Amp Is Easier Than Ever

Back in the day, there were a dozen or so guitar amps available and although they came in different sizes, they were basically the same. You had volume, bass and treble settings and if you paid a little more, you could get built in reverb for a bigger sound. Things were simple -- you plugged in your guitar, turned a knob or two and you were ready to go. Some great music was made that way and some players still prefer the simple approach to getting the sound they want. But today, you have a myriad of choice and it's a good idea to know what to look for.

finding the right guitar amp is easier than ever

Advanced features. Many companies today are now offering "modeling" amps that are designed to give you a variety of sounds as in creating different "models" of amps and guitar. If you like to use a lot of different sounds in your playing, these amps may be just what you are looking for. The changes can be subtle so take your time when auditioning a new amp.

Backup band included. Just in the past few years, you can find guitar amplifiers that have built in backup bands to play along with. This is great for practicing as you don't have to wait for a guitar playing to show up to play chord progression for you to test out your latest licks. Some of these new amps even have a built-in recorder so you can listen back to your latest solo. Others allow you to store different settings in the amp's memory.

All sizes and prices. There are a number of guitar amps available today that are not much bigger than a laptop computer and some create a big sound for such a small amp. This is due to advanced electronics and beefy speakers. Guitarist love these amps because they put out a lot of sound for their size and are easy to carry and set up. (If you set up sound equipment on a regular basis, you know how nice It is to have lightweight gear.)

Although you might not use it for a show or even rehearsal, you can find an amp at around $100 that you can be pretty happy with. If you a working musician, $500 should get you all the amp you need.

Although most music stores have a number of different guitar amps to choose from, you might also want to check online to make sure you are aware of your options. There might be a great amplifier you've never heard of that is exactly what you are looking for. No matter how choose, take the time to play a few different models so you can make the right decision.

Then crank up that new amp and play.

Dale Schmidt is a guitar teacher in Washington state and the author of Your Private Guitar Teacher. For more information:

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