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This article aims to provide a guitar lessons guide. After you've read this article you'll be able to plan what you need to do you get good at the guitar. I only started to learn the guitar when I was about eighteen years told and I often wish that I had started learning to play the musical instrument much earlier. But I have now become a pretty good guitarist. I play the guitar live in front of audiences at various venues. So how did I get good?

I believe that I'm a natural musician because when I went to college to study music my tutor played various notes in the piano and asked me to match the pitch with my voice. I managed to match each note perfectly and my tutor confirmed this saying that I was one of the best students he had ever seen do that. This means that I have what is known as a good ear for music.

So natural talent helps but so does a persistent attitude as well as a genuine interest in learning to play the guitar and be very motivated. I think that most learner guitarists start by learning a few basic chords but I started with riffs. That is probably why I am now more of a lead player than a rhythm player. But my rhythm is very good too.

To get good at playing music you should keep yourself motivated by learning songs that you actually genuinely like rather than sticking with what your music tutor wants to teach you. You can learn the same techniques from music that you like and I tend to find that many tutors have their own particular tastes that rub off on their students. Having said that I don't have any formal training on the guitar. I learned to play by listening to music, watching other people play and reading guitar tablature (tab). It is also a good idea to reward your playing by buying yourself (or asking your loved ones) to buy music related or guitar related equipment for you as you reach certain milestones in your journey to become a good musician.

I also found and still do find that listening to a wide variety of music and playing (or just jamming) with a variety of musicians helps to broaden my horizons and gives me my own unique style. My musical tastes have changed somewhat over the years and so have my choices of guitar. I used to like metal but now I'm into blues. I used to like super strats with humbuckers but now I like strats with single coils.

Whether you decide to learn to play the guitar by yourself, with others or with a music tutor (or with a mixture of all of these) you should make sure you use some kind of guitar lesson guide to teach you the theory behind music. This will help you to understand music better. Once you've learned to play the guitar (not that you ever really stop learning and getting better) you might want to try other instruments to broaden your understanding of the dynamics of playing in a band.

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Guitar Lessons Guide

by Michael J Greenwood; Sunday, June 12, 2011 @ 09:33 AM [2964]

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