Famous Bass Lines of Paul McCartney

When the Beatle's started out, no one dared to touch the bass parts. For musicians back then, playing bass was too boring at best. It all changed when Macca, a music prodigy, grabbed the position and he permanently changed the way music fans look at bassists. Imagine a kid with no formal music training handling the rhythm section of the band. Rhythm section of bass and drums are the balancing act for the group; the responsibility is too advanced for his age-but he amazingly pulled it through. While there are a lot Beatle song that capture our hearts, it is much worth noting that underneath them all is the backdrop of bass lines only Paul McCartney can produce. To further illustrate his style, it is better to take notice on some of his few creations.

Famous Bass Lines of Paul Mccartney


Paul's guitar play served as a great counterpoint to George's sweet solos. His bass lines are too busy on this song which led to Harrison to chastise him. But nevertheless, the lick's combination of short and long notes made this song "one of the greatest love songs ever written". Just ask Frank Sinatra about it.

I want You (she's so heavy)

Pretty controlled on the first part of the song, letting the sweet haunting voice of John do its work. The sound is pretty much sustained-controlled. The middle part of the song is just pure magic accentuated by Moog synthesizers and George's solos. Then all hell broke loose towards the end of the song. As if Paul was saying, "Now, it's my turn."

Dear Prudence

The White album produced so many Beatles classics such as "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Blackbird" and "I Will". What really stood out in this song is his steady bass line moving along the melody of the song while constantly building up all the way to the chorus only to ebb by the start of the 2nd verse. Towards the end of the song, you can hear steady and controlled notes supporting the drum fills.

Come together

A nice round sounding bass line that served a good counterpoint to Ringo's drum fills during the intro. You might also notice how good Paul on "sliding effect" on his bass lines somewhat similar with "Dear Prudence."

As with the rest of the Beatles, his signature style made this band's sound so unique and way more advanced for its time. His technique relies on the melody and slow build up, taking his listeners along with it. Instead of lightning quick and swerving notes, he employed melodies worth humming to-and we're humming with him for quite so long.

If you want to want to know how to play bass, you may visit this site to learn more about the Beatles and other artists.

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